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A little about us.

First of all welcome to my website!

Im known as Flatland Radio,27 Nebraska,Staticman,CDX827 or Dave.

Ive been on the radio off and on for more than 25 years.Im located near Lincoln Nebraska the birthplace of Hy-gain antennas and radio products.Nebraska was also the home of D&A amplifiers as well as LDO amplifiers.

I have a interest in all things cb related and enjoy working the band.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me along the way which includes these very special friends, Sling,Dc, and Jewell at Slingblade antennas,Doc and Lynn at Docs electronics,Jay in the Mojave at A1 antennas,Papa Bear,No gun858,835 Nebraska, My good friends at the WWRF forum and especially My Dad who saved my very first radio and told what it takes to be a good man(rest peacefully in heaven dad).And a big thank you to my wife Lora who puts up with this crazy hobby! Love ya babe!

I know there are some folks that I missed and rest assured I couldnt have got there without everyones help.

73s to all of you!!!


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